About Us

Meridian Lodge was consecrated in February 1996. It is the only ‘daylight’ Lodge in Swansea as well as being its youngest. It is a vibrant, friendly, well attended Lodge.

The Founding members of the Lodge are:

Ken Grove – Indefatigable No. 237
Howard Williams – Indefatigable No. 237
Norman Williams – Indefatigable No. 237
John Dallimore – Penrice No. 4172
Harry Richards – Tuscan No. 7267
Eric Davies – Sincerity No. 8531
Bill Richards – Penrice No. 4172
Tom Murphy – Penrice No. 4172
John Loveluck – Penrice No. 4172
Cecil Chriswick – Tuscan No. 7267
Philip Robbins – Penrice No. 4172
Cyril Brown – Dyffryn Tawe No. 6056
Clive Carroll – Penrice No. 4172
Ken Hutin – Tuscan No. 7267
Cliff Prosser – Tuscan No. 7267
Tom Thomas – St Cenydd No. 6567
Haydn Bidder – R.P.St. John Charles No. 6466
Dillwyn King – Caradoc No. 1573

The Lodge holds its meetings on the third Tuesday of February (Installation meeting), April, September and November at Swansea Masonic Temple, St. Helen’s Road,
Swansea,  SA1 4DF.

However, due to the lockdown imposed by the UK Government, United Grand Lodge of England and Provincial Grand Lodge meetings have been postponed: meetings will be resumed after the restrictions have been removed.